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Laser pointer

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 Laser pointer

HEDWIN explains Laser Pointer

Laser pointers are made up of IR-pumped frequency doubled called diode-pumped solid-state laser which typically produce a beam of red, green, blue and violet, of higher visible power, typically up to 5- 300 mW. Original laser pointers have some safety hazards, as they can be very dangerous if pointed towards skin or eye, causing serious damage, and are to be used with great care. Laser pointers were introduced to make use of low powered laser tool for everyday use.

If laser products are put into the market, they must obtain relevant safety certification before they can be put on the market.For example: EN60825, FDA, JQA and so on.

Laser pointers are most commonly used in business or educational presentations to highlight or point out certain things. Laser pointers of higher power are also used in astronomy to point out celestial objects. Laser pointers are also used in a variety of other ways, such as on weapons for targeting accuracy and on levels used in construction.


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